Rob Drabkin Live 1.19.12

Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Words By J-man

What better way to debut a collection of unreleased material than to mix it with one of your favorite albums? That is exactly what Rob Drabkin did at The Bluebird Theater in early 2012 when he took the stage on his birthday in Denver, CO. Rob's smooth and fluttering vocals lead the band through a couple of original songs before welcoming his father, Harry Drabkin, to the stage for some added saxophone. "Boy in the Bubble" marked the first cover from Paul Simon's Graceland and a noticeable leap in energy, before taking on and presenting a fantastic version of the title track off of the album. A brief "Happy Birthday" tease translated into "I know What I Know" and welcomed Kim Dawson and Ayo Awosika to the stage for some fantastic background vocals. "Gumboots" featured Harry once again and the final track of the first disc, "Homeless," featured some fantastic harmonies.

The second disc kicks off with yet another beautiful composition "Stay Here With You" that boasts some wonderful tones and melodies. "Don't Worry About Me" is performed solo by Rob before returning to Graceland with "Under African Skies." There is a certain world music sound surrounding the Graceland album that Rob and his friends nail perfectly. Crowd favorite "Call Me Al" followed evoking excitement from the crowd, though a little slower in tempo than expected. The added horn section and instrumentation brightened up the composition and following the song, triggered a roar from the crowd. "Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes" brought even more guests to the stage for a who's who of local talent! "Little Steps," the first song that Rob ever wrote, closed the set with an element of innocence excitement.

Rob and his friends/family returned to the stage. Harry started with some airy and melancholy sax work before the band went into Paul Simon's "Crazy Love, Vol. II." The song continued with the mood of the the music slowly and exponentially brightening. "Don't Come Around" closed the delightful evening of music. Those who attended were treated to a plethora of guests, friends and beautiful music in the form of well executed originals and a great interpretation of Paul Simon's Graceland album. Stream tracks from the album on and be sure to pick up this enjoyable album!


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