Saturday Dead: Bobby & Jerry in Amsterdam 81'

Melk Weg
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Words By J-man

We welcome the return of our "Saturday Dead" column with a special acoustic show from Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia! While on their 81' European tour the Dead was forced to cancel a pair of shows in the south of France. Just prior to the cancelled shows, between Bremen and Munich, Germany, Jerry and Bobby made a stop at The Melk Weg in Amsterdam for a special acoustic performance.

Grateful Dead Live at Melk Weg on October 11, 1981.

One Set: Monkey And The Engineer, I've Been All Around This World, Cassidy, Jack A Roe, On The Road Again, Bird Song, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie

The short set opened with Bobby suggesting that the first song may be applicable to the current situation, before launching into "Monkey And The Engineer." Jerry took over for "I've Been All Around This World" before the duo presented to possible set highlight, "Cassidy." Jerry's sweet tones and lead guitar playing created such a full sound for a duo. "Jack-A-Roe" followed with excitement from the crowd. The short but sweet "On The Road Again" featured both Bobby and Jerry on vocals and was followed by another potential highlight, "Bird Song." The final song of the short set came in the form of "Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie," leaving the appreciative crowd begging for more.

The recording is not of the best quality, the duo's performance wasn't mind-blowing, however what it lacks in sonic quality it makes up for with historical value and intimacy.


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