Members of Frogs Gone Fishin' & The Drunken Hearts 11.21.12

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

One never knows how the turnout will be at the Tap when a new project is brought in. Last Wednesday welcomed a mixed group of musicians including members of Frogs Gone Fishin' & The Drunken Hearts with special guests. The evening began with a moderate crowd that grew in size as the band played on. Rob Eaton Jr.'s influence on the project could be felt through various Grateful Dead covers and ripping acoustic guitar work. Next to Rob was Frogs Gone Fishin's Andrew Portwood, who lead several songs with his vocals and solid guitar playing. Rounding out the trio of guitars was Andrew McConathy of The Drunken Hearts, who brought a couple of tracks off of The Drunken Hearts' new album, "Live For Today." On bass, also of The Drunken Hearts, was Derek Shields who maintained the low end with his full sounding upright. Behind the front line was Jeff Jani of Frogs Gone Fishin' on drums, keeping the music together with fluid drumming.

For a group of musicians who have never collectively played together, the crowd was impressed. There were a lot of nods and eye contact to facilitate musical changes and stops on the drop of a dime. With the addition of the "Horny Toads," (The Frogs Gone Fishin' horn section) the music took on a party vibe. The room filled in, drinks were poured and good times were had by all. With the music coming to an end, the party continued. The vibe was different that night. New faces turned out to join the growing number of dedicated Wednesday music fans in Denver. Join us this and every Wednesday at The Highland Tap and Burger and stay tuned for some interesting artist announcements!

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