Springdale Quartet wsg. Pete Wall & Lindsay French 11.9.12

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

Friday night in Denver, Colorado, brought the Springdale Quartet with special guests to Dazzle for an evening of first-rate music in the intimate Dizzy Room. The band, dawning suits, took the stage and came out of the corner swinging with musical fury, like a boxer shooting for the upper-hand in the first round. Their energy oozed from the stage as their chemistry created a captivating presence. A couple of songs into the set and Springdale welcomed saxophonist, Pete Wall (Textiles) to brighten up the already developed compositions. Collectively the group displayed great abilities and the cherry on top came in the form of Ms. Lindsay French (The Recovery Act)! After a few flats, Lindsay jumped into the mix with her soulful, at times, almost Joplin sounding vocals.

More than the overwhelming amount of talent from such an intimate show, the environment really helped to set the vibe. Shades of red back lit with yellow and vibrantly colorful artwork coated the front room of the jazz club. The seated space was packed with folks dining, drinking and enjoying the stimulating scene. Moments of the evening, though in a jazz environment, saw so many similarities to the tension and release of bands like Phish or moe. Funk intertwined with Soul, rock and jazz for this cross-genre adventure that extended into the early hours of Saturday morning. If you haven't check out Springdale Quartet, we recommend that you do so.

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