The Infamous Stringdusters: Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition)

Words By J-man

Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition)

Flawless instrumentation and clean vocals lead off Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition) with "Don't Mean Nothin'." But it does mean something. This album marks the highest of high points for a band who has taken over the bluegrass scene in a time of transition. As the first generation of bluegrass boys slowly fade, we are left staring down the barrel of the progressive musical gun that is The Stringdusters. Incredible harmonies mark the choruses and high points on many of the album's offerings. Rounded off with fantastic solo work and lyrical genius, Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition) offers something for just about any listener. Track by track the Stringdusters take the music in many different directions eluding to their incredible range and abilities with compositions of any tempo and feel. Songs like "The Hitchhiker" and "The Place That I Call Home" create a sort of adventurous vibe, while songs like "Rockets," "Night on The River" and "Tears of The Earth" appeal to the more lyrically oriented listener.

The addition of the Rubblebucket horns brings a swanky feel to "Fire" with the band loosening up in a way that only talented instrumentalists could, while still holding the progressions together and nailing every cue. Covers like Sting's "Walking on The Moon" and Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia's "He's Gone" bring a sort of familiarity to the album, while stile executed in pure Stringdusters style. Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition) is a perfect collection of string music exemplifying one of the scene's most talented and coveted bands, The Infamous Stringdusters. Purchase Silver Sky (Deluxe Edition) at independent record stores across the nation. A full list of stores can be found at Purchase the album and be a part of a true transitional period in one of the countries greatest genres.

We'll Do It Live

As if Silver Sky (with the additional material) wasn't already enough, the Stringdusters' camp included a full live disc of wonderfully mastered songs from April & May of 2011 in Charlottesville, Burlington, New York and Falls Church. There are one or two tracks from Silver Sky that make an appearance, but overall it's a complete CD of alternate tracks that reflect and reinforces the translation of the band's perfection live. Silver Sky & We'll Do It Live are absolutely the best package deal of the year!


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