Ron Miles Quartet (Sold Out) 11.30.12

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

After hearing about Ron Miles around the Denver music scene for some time, his sold out shows at Dazzle not only marked our first encounter with this fantastic trumpet player and his masterful quintet, but also opened up what would be a packed weekend of music in Denver. As of late we have found no better place to start our evenings than Dazzle. The incredible music, excellent food and untouchable vibe create the perfect setting to get the juices flowing. The capacity room sat quietly in anticipation as Dazzle's Music Director, Kevin Lee, informed the crowd of some wonderful upcoming shows and laid down some ground rules for the evening. Following a quiet introduction of his band, Ron and his quintet jump right into their set.

Ron Miles Quintet consisted of Eric Moon (Piano), Roger Green (Guitar), Myles Sloniker (Bass) & Amy Shelley (Drums). Through sweet compositions were well-placed solos and great displays of talent. Ron gave minor cues to his group, taking the music in all sorts of directions from soft somber jazz to straight ahead perfection. The focus of the musicians was strong as the pages of the composed music were tossed aside following their completion to make way for the next page of charted possibilities. Ron looked on pleased, as he too played witness to the abilities of his band. He smiled as he brushed his hand at selected band mates as if to say "go ahead, take it from here." As quickly as the evening began, it was over. The crowd cheered loudly as the band exited the small stage. Though it was our first time seeing Ron Miles, I knew that it wouldn't be the last as Kevin informed the crowd that Ron would be returning with Bill Frisell and Brian Blade!


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