MusicMarauders Presents: Kung Fu 1.23.13

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Words & Photos By Kevin Hahn

I had no idea what to expect. Going to a show blind (never really listening to the band before) is a very risky endeavor to partake in. We have all heard the horror stories of people going to shows and absolutely hating the music. But how many times do we get to hear someone praise to the heavens for the opportunity they were given to see a new band or type of music? Honestly, this does not happen enough, but I was lucky enough to have this amazing feeling the other night as I watched Kung Fu rip through The Fox Theater like fresh key lime pie. Yummmmy!

How hard did they rip it? Let’s just say that my feet still haven’t stopped moving! Kung Fu is a super group of sorts combining the powers of RAQ, The Breakfast, and Deep Banana Blackout into one giant funktastic groove machine. Each member of the band plays an integral role in almost every song, and there are absolutely no breaks or sit-down periods allowed. The music is high energy, fast paced, and best of all really fucking good. From improved jams to funky compositions Kung Fu killed it on all levels… and I am especially happy that I was exposed to them. The real question for me is, “How have I not heard of them before now???”

The band known as Kung Fu seems to be something of a well-kept secret. Not many people know who they are or what type of music they play, but their name seems oddly familiar. Popping up from time to time here in Colorado Kung Fu brings a raging party with them each and every show. As I stood in the Fox with my best buddy Steve watching the keyboardist and saxophone player go back and forth with funky lick after funky lick, only one thing could come out of our mouths “Damn, this is awesome.” This is the honest truth… I highly recommend going to see Kung Fu whenever possible, and make sure to bring your dancing shoes!

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