Jimkata & Kinetix 2.16.13

Cervantes Other Side
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

Following a week of touring in Colorado, Jimkata made its final stop of their run at Cervantes Other Side for a show with Colorado's own, Kinetix. The evening kicked off with a sizable early turnout for the Upstate, NY band and would mark my first time seeing Jimkata in a few years. The last time our paths crossed was at Castaways in Ithaca, NY and at the time, I saw Jimkata as a band with a lot of potential, but a lot of room to grow. The show began and the room filled in at a rapid rate with folks who were without a doubt familiar with the band. Fans sang along and danced, with a clear connection to the band who looked down upon them with a smile. Jimkata's compositions were tight, their production was fantastic and the band reflected massive growth from when I had last seen them. Evan Friedell lead the charge with solid vocals and guitar work while Aaron Gorsch commanded most of the lead on guitar and keys. The rhythm section of Dave Rossi on bass and Packy Lunn on drums made for a great canvas on which Evan and Arron could let loose. I was captivated by the lights and the vibe of the music which seemed to blend jamtronica with a sort of 80's electro vibe. The result was excellent and kept the crowd moving from start to finish. Outside of a few technical issues with a laptop which allowed the band to bust out some old material, the set was flawless.

The evening's closer had big shoes to fill in having to follow such a finely tuned project like Jimkata, however Kinetix was up to the challenge. As is often the case, the room cleared out in between sets, with folks wandering into the ballroom and outside for a smoke. But with Kinetix's entrance onto the stage the room packed in once again. Their music was energetic and their blatant chops moved the crowd who ate up the mix of rock, dub and jam music. Eric Blumenfeld dug into the keys with Jordan Linit rising to the challenge and ripping up the guitar. Adam Lufkin's added hip-hop esque vocals while Josh Fairman lost his shit on the bass flailing about wildly. George Horn's drumming was driving and precise, giving the Colorado crowd a beat to dance to. Later in the evening Stanton Moore (Galactic) and Corey Henry (Lyrics Born) turned out to guest and further elevate the energy! One thing was evident, that Colorado loves both Kinetix and Jimkata! The evening was a huge success and the pairing was fitting and relevant. I look forward to catching both bands in the future!

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