Vital Organ 2.13.13

Highland Tap & Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photo By Carly Marthis

It was Wednesday on Colorado's Front Range, which meant folks would be making their way to The Highland Tap and Burger in Denver's Lower Highlands to get down for HTB's Wednesday Music Showcase. That specific Wednesday would feature "supergroup" and Motet side project, Vital Organ, which is comprised of Joey Porter (Juno What, The Motet), Garrett Sayers (Garrett Sayers Trio, The Motet), Dan Schwindt (Kyle Hollingsworth Band, The Motet) and Daren Hahn. The night kicked off with a thinner crowd than usual, which was to be somewhat expected with Vital Organ launching a weekly residency at Quixote's true Blue just a couple of nights prior. As the music and energy grew, so to did the crowd. From funk to jazz to rock and back the group went with precision and a strong compositional vibe. The band was tight and it was clear that they had been fine tuning their songs and playing together more frequently.

The evening wound down with music fans wanting more and the band obliging. With that Vital Organ show in the books, only two Garrett Sayers Trio shows remain in the residency that started music nights at The Tap. Join us Wednesday February 20th & 27th for the final two GS3 shows and join us every Wednesday for a wide variety of bands from Colorado's incredible music scene and beyond!


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