Closing of The Garrett Sayers Trio Residency 2.27.13

Highland Tap and Burger
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By Kevin Hahn
Audio By Ed Simon

A year and a half ago, a musical movement began at The Highland Tap in Denver, CO. At first there was no one. Then, slowly, the crowd began to grow in volume to a packed room. Paul Brown's (LOHI Productions) vision of music at the Tap grew with the involvement of MusicMarauders and became a staple on the Denver music scene. But all good things must come to an end. Though music at The Tap will continue, Wednesday February 27th marked the conclusion of the GS3 Residency. The Tap was packed with GS3 fans old and new, many holding a copy of The Tap Sessions, a live release of hand picked tracks from previous Wednesdays at The Tap. Paul stepped up to the mic and introduced the Garrett Sayers Trio. Garrett Stepped up with a smile on his face and the set began.

Garrett Sayers Live at Highland Tap & Burger on February 27, 2013.

Folks danced freely as the room that was a restaurant just hours before, transformed into a room of music. With every song came the memory of hearing it in its infancy and the path it's taken to become a well-executed part of GS3's repitoire. The boom of Garrett's bass echoed throughout the small room as Patrick Lee's keys faded in and out with excessive tonal control. The glue, Jonny Jyemo, put on a spectacular performance as always reflecting an incredible amount of precision and energy. At one point in the extended set the trio was joined by Gabe Mervine of The Motet on trumpet. Through two hours of masterful compositions, the Denver crowd danced and upon the set's conclusion, the folks demanded more. One encore led to two and the evening eventually came to a close. Folks lingered, getting posters autographed, shaking hands and thanking the band. The trio was humble and grateful, and the fans appreciative for what GS3 has done for Wednesdays in Denver's Highlands.

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