Genetics w/ Star Count 2.20.13

Hodi’s Half Note
Fort Collins, Colorado

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock

Every once in a while a new band emerges from the murky fog of local music and like crème, quickly rises to the top. One such band on its upward climb is Genetics. Harking back to the days of yore, Genetics has the sound and energy of Umphrey’s McGee circa 1998. They are unpolished and their transitions lack the crispness of a band with fifteen or twenty years of touring experience, however their take on progressive jam is certainly fresh and filled with limitless potential. Genetics is the type of band that catches you off guard. The youth of the band and their unassuming nature does little to foreshadow their concrete musicianship. Originally hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Genetics is the latest in a long line of bands that have up and moved to Colorado to play live music. Currently residing in Fort Collins, they have been performing with a real drive.

The snow was falling in Fort Collins causing many would be attendees to stay home. Opening the show were newcomer Star Count that formed only a few short months ago. I’m told they are a side project of a side project, but nonetheless they are a musical force on their own. This show marked the first performance with Nicolai Afansenkov on keys, which really filled out the sound and melded nicely with the original trio. Jim Kincaid absolutely shredded for the thirty or so people in the room. In fact, with the weather, many of those Star Count fans did not stay too much later. Their fiery sound was a blend of trance-fusion jamming with an organic delivery. Brother of the guitarist, Jason Kincaid, was the driver delivering some tightly focused kit work that became the basis for their hard hitting sound. They were a fun way to start the night.

Several people filtered out as Genetics took the stage for their progressive game of hot potato. They are an instrumental band playing huge jams and incorporating the talents of each individual member. The most striking part of their sound comes from Joel Searls’ bass. This young man with his Harry Carey glasses and curly locks absolutely drives the bus. Together with Nat Snow the rhythm section was buttoned up tightly. Given the low numbers they opted to play one longer set which included a sick jam on Star Wars’ “Imperial March.” I look forward to big things from this band. They find themselves on the cusp of a grand new adventure here in Fort Collins. Who knows what will happen, but with upcoming performances opening for Fareed Haque and MathGames as well as at FoCoMX, it won’t be long before word of this talented group spreads.

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