Rudresh Mahanthappa's GAMAK 2.27.13

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

The half-empty Dazzle came as no surprise for an early show in the middle of the work week. I had some inkling of what those in attendance were in for. The band prepared at a table nestled into the far corner of the room. The house music came down, as did the lights, and Music Director Kevin Lee took the stage to announce some upcoming shows and welcome the quartet to the stage. Without a word the performance of Rudresh's album, GAMAK, began with intensity. It was chaotic and beautiful all at the same time. Rudresh Mahanthappa (Saxaphone) ripped through Indian influenced notation, before handing it off to David Fiuczynski (Guitar), who took it to space on the double-neck electric. Complimenting Fiuczynski was François Moutin (Bass). The rhythm section which included Dan Weiss (drums) was deep and heavy. As Rudresh shredded the alto the band followed deeper and deeper into the material.

The main room filled in more and more with folks who had just wrapped up their evening commute and were looking to wind down their evening with some jazz. One solo led to another, each equally respectable as the previous. The music was progressive and the compositions were extremely interesting. Each unique piece of the puzzle came together to create something that as a whole, could best be described as captivating. GAMAK fuses elements of traditional jazz with aspects of fusion and eastern influences in an incredible celebration of melody.

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