The Heavy Pets 3.6.13

Hodi’s Half Note
Fort Collins, Colorado

Words, Photos & Video By Nicholas Stock

My long awaited rendezvous with The Heavy Pets finally happened on a Wednesday night in Fort Collins. They were on a dizzying four-night run with Jet Edison that included a stop up the hill in Breckenridge as well. Jet Edison has been a figure in the local jam scene for several years. Last year they took the time trek around the country after finishing school at CU Boulder. These guys know how it’s done blending jam sensibility with a rock delivery. They’ve built up a solid repertoire and continue to wow audiences far and wide. They are a quintessential Boulder jamband and each member uses their talents well. They opened up with “Places.”

Set One: Places, Stratus, Wading, Undercover, Simon, Dances, Gold

They seem to be building up a new song list, as much of what they played was new to me. Phil Johnson’s dynamic keys synched properly with Max Kabst’s guitar making for a nice back and forth. These guys are definitely ready for the next step, and with a summer tour and new album in the works for 2013 they just might get there this year.

The Heavy Pets have to be one of the most misunderstood bands out there. There seems to be a lack of good video, and therefore people check out one song and believe that is what they sound like. I know I did. The fact of the matter is The Heavy Pets are one of the most versatile jambands touring today. Key word being jam, and boy how did they jam. They opened with “Keep Me Running.”

Set One: Keep Me Running, John Galt, A Taste of Wind, Got To Know, Stepping Away, Xylophone>Sports>Xylophone, Spin 'Round, Last Babies, Earthchaser, Eleanor B. Roosevelt

The Heavy Pets are a roundhouse kick to your sensibilities as they literally shred their way through and all possible genres. Nothing seems to be off limits as they dabble in funk, rock, jazz-fusion, roots reggae, blues, you name it. They bounce through these various soundscapes smoothly like the passing of a baton in an Olympic relay race. THP seems to be yet another post-jamband incorporating the foundation, but trying to take a broad approach rather than focusing on a single flavor. Jeff Loyd led the band through a nonstop set that just killed. Again as the night went on people slowly dribbled out into the night, but I found myself compelled to stay. They closed their massive set with an amazing “Eleanor B. Rossevelt.” I would definitely recommend getting out there and seeing The Heavy Pets. They are steadily growing and it won’t be long before these intimate club shows will be a thing of the past.

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