Two Nights of The Henhouse Prowlers 3.16 & 3.17

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

Over the past five years, no one bluegrass band has captivated me like The Henhouse Prowlers have. Two nights in Denver was exactly what I needed to settle my craving for a band that continues to progress rapidly. Through line-up changes, stylistic consistency and focus, the Prowlers have become one of the most sought out second tier bluegrass band in the country. The tightness of the band's current incarnation was evident almost immediately on night one with the founding fathers, Ben Wright (Banjo) and Jon Goldfine (Bass) calling the shots with clear instinctual accuracy. Newer additions to the band, Dan Andree (Fiddle) and Starr Moss (Guitar) add a near perfect dynamic to a band pressured with strong expectations. That night, Denver concert goers were introduced to Jordan Ramsey (Mandolin) out of Boulder, CO who was sitting in for the weekend.

With the first night being the Saturday leading into St. Patrick's Day and with the popularity of the Prowlers in Colorado, Quixote's was as packed as most had ever seen. The energy was through the roof and the reception was incredible. Night Two welcomed a much calmer vibe while at the same time still boasting a great turnout. That night, the Prowlers would open for local favorite Garrett Sayers Trio, making for an odd pairing of top notch music. From fantastic originals to mind-blowing covers of classic songs, The Henhouse Prowlers sounded the best they've sounded! Jordan fit in perfectly as Ben and Jon looked on, as if the shows were an audition. Through two nights of music, Colorado fans were treated to near perfect bluegrass by one of the scene's best!


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