Ron Miles Quartet 3.30.13

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge
Denver, CO

Words By J-man
Photos By J-man & Carly Marthis

As is often the case with Ron Miles' shows, that evening at Dazzle was sold out! The sell out was well deserved as Ron always brings an assortment of world class musicians. That night Ron was joined by Eric Gunnison (Piano), Kent McLagan (Bass) and Alwyn Robinson (Drums) for a powerhouse group that at times even made Ron smile with excitement. Through beautifully charted material, the quartet resembled a well-oiled machine. Gunnison's key work was all over the map, with Alwyn keeping a close watch as the drums were often chasing the piano. Kent kept up with Alwyn, while all the time being aware of what Ron was looking for musically and nailing every note on the fretless upright. There is something about Ron Miles' playing the resonates deeply with jazz fans. Whether it's his ability to cross genres, circular breath for an incredibly extended note, or the raw talent that seems to pour out of such a humble man, Ron is one of the most coveted member of the Denver jazz scene.

Folks dined on beautifuly prepared food from the Dazzle kitchen and enjoyed wonderfully concocted beverages from the bar, as the Quartet gave folks their monies worth. A special point in the evening came with Ron thanking Dazzle Music Director Kevin Lee, informing the crowd of Kevin's upcoming show at Dazzle, then launching into an excellent version of "Mr. Lee!" The amount of reciprocal respect at Dazzle is and was palatable. The musicians play and the audience listens. It's a beautiful thing and has definitely spoiled many in regards to other less attentive crowds. The show ended what felt like a short time after it began and music fans made their way into the Dizzy Room for some "Blues & BBQ!"

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