Family Funktion & the Sitar Jams 5.3.13

Bullfrog Brewery
Williamsport, PA

Words & photos By Jon Irvin

If there was ever a soundtrack to Les Claypool tripping in India it would probably be played by one of the most eclectic bands I have ever seen; Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams. The Padmanadha brothers brought their sitar jamming band to the Bullfrog Brewery last weekend for a mind opening experience. Family Funktion does a masterful job of blending contemporary jazz, heavy bass, and Indian melodies to bring a breathtaking sound that is rivaled by few. Being close to MusicMarauders for years, I have heard J talk about these guys for awhile now and was surprised to see them coming to my small corner of the world. The turnout was disappointing, for it being first Friday, there were many things going on in the area, but I’m sure the few that hung around at the frog did not go away disappointed. The night was filled with all three brothers; Naryan (sitar), Aneal (bass), and Ravi (drums) taking turns exploring an instrumental journey while giving each other space without trying to step on any toes. The result proved to be hours of improvisational psychedelic gratification that even the late Ravi Shankar would have been envious of. Be sure to check these guys out during their remaining New York tour dates and their much publicized Colorado run later this summer.


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