Lotus "Monks" Album Release/Listening Party 9.10.13

Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

Tuesday August 10th marked the release of Lotus' new album, Monks. To celebrate the occasion Lotus hosted an album release/listening party at Armoury in Denver, CO on the brink of their headlining gig the following Friday at Red Rocks. The intimate room provided the perfect backdrop for fans to hear the new album with explanations about the tracks and concepts from Luke and Jesse Miller themselves. As well, Mike Greenfield and Chuck Morris wandered around taking pictures with fans, signing Lotus merchandise and hanging out. It was a very unique experience for the near capacity room full of Lotus fans who were able to make it out on a weeknight. Following the listening of the album, Luke and Jesse stepped up to host a very special DJ set. It was my understanding that they haven't taken on this approach very frequently, if ever before.

The music was upbeat and interesting with smooth transitions, peaks and lows that appealed to the exciteable crowd. At times the duo performed together, at times they alternated, with the one who wasn't DJing making their way back into the crowd to mingle alongside the monk. Throughout the set there were samples of The Talking Heads, Daft Punk and more, but altered in a why that made them different from the original versions, yet still remaining true to their compositional approach. As the hour grew later the intoxicated crowd thinned out until all that was left were Luke, Jesse, the bartenders and a few lingering fans. The night was a huge success and the album sounded great. Folks dug the hip-hop vibe combined with the Lotus vibes. Having the option of seeing the Lotus crew in such a small room was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities... or so we thought.

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