Springdale Quartet feat. Brian Jordan 9.6.13

Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

When it came to booking a September residency at Armoury in Denver, CO, Springdale Quartet seemed the perfect fit. There is something about the young group that reflects a certain discipline and chemistry that many find to be captivating. As the date approached, we were forced to switch their initial Thursday gig to a Friday show, to allow for STS9's Red Rocks Pre-party. With the swap in place, it set up the perfect storm of events that led to a fantastic evening. The day of the show I saw that guitarist Brian Jordan was in Denver, so I reached out about a possible sit-in to kick off the residency and Brian was excited to get involved! That evening the band loaded in, got set up and worked patiently around a soccer game viewing party that was taking place. As soon as the sound check concluded I knew that we were in for something special!

From the start, Springdale came out with the intention of blowing away the reasonably filled room. By the time Brian Jordan hit the stage folks were getting down. The rhythm section that consisted of Jordan Roos (Bass) and Greg Russell (Drums), created a moving grove that at no point lost my interest. Chase Terzian (Keys) tore into the organ while Ben Waligoske (Guitar) shredded with tasteful ease. Brian fit in perfectly, adding impressive licks and at times going back and forth with Ben. A couple of highlights of the two set show came in the form of The Talking Heads' "Slippery People," Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood's "Chank" and Medeski, Martin & Wood's "Chub Sub." The night was a success and a great way to kick off the opening of their September residency! The Residency will continue every Thursday this month.

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