David Murphy (STS9), Tiger Party Trio & Genetics 11.8.13

Denver, CO

Words & Photos By J-man

A small group stood out front of Armoury following soundcheck, smoking, laughing and having a good time. You could see the excitement in the faces of the younger musicians as they conversed with David Murphy, who seemed to be truly enjoying himself. The final addition to the evening's line-up, Genetics, took the stage around 9:00 PM and dove into their set wasting no time in turning up the heat in the slowly filling venue. The four piece jam/jamtronica outfit impressed from the gate, triggering folks coming through the front door to head right to the back of the club to fully experience what they were hearing. Genetics' lights lit the room perfectly and a small machine poured smoke from the stage. With their set rounding the corner towards its conclusion, I extended their set in hopes that more folks would hear their music. Sure enough, during the last fifteen minutes of their extended set, the flood gates opened as Genetics tore down the house. New comers took their place in front of the stage as Jeff Ervine (Guitar) shredded, Joel Searls (Bass) dropped bombs, Nat Snow (Drums) reflected perfect consistency and Scott Anderson (Keys) dug into the black and whites looking as if he were going to murder someone. Ultimately, it was one of the tightest and most enjoyable sets that I have seen Genetics perform, and it was a great way to get the evening started!

Up next was a stripped down version of Tiger Party, performing as a Trio. As always, Blake Mobley (Keys) led the charge with the rhythm section of Fleeb (Bass) and Tanner Bardin (Drums) to hold down a tight and interesting groove. Even as a three piece Tiger Party came with the force of a full band, sonically satisfying the three quarters filled Armoury. Blake did a fantastic job of captivating the crowd with his youthful energy and danceable output. Towards the middle/end of the Trio set, Murph took the stage and Fleeb handed off his bass to the special guest. It was a cool moment that the crowd dug, as Murph would be DJing that evening, not utilizing his bass skills for his set. To see him on stage with Tiger Party seemed the perfect fit, and is hopefully foreshadowing a future collaboration. The set wound down with the crowd wanting more and cheering loudly. Tiger Party Trio was the perfect band to get the packed house moving.

Armoury neared capacity on a night with ample competition around town. Murph took the stage with a smile and kept the party going with an array of tasty tracks from his laptop. His energy on stage was contagious while he danced as if he were just another fan in the crowd. Unlike many DJs and producers, Murph is absolutely engaged in his audience both on the stage and off. He creates a reciprocal flow of energy that fuels the party. As the hours grew later the energy remained in the room until the very end. Armoury seemed to be the perfect venue for a show of Friday's nature. Kudos to sound engineer, Don Ross, for making the room sound great and Kudos to bartenders Chris Corrigan and Brian Davis for their talents behind the bar. Friday was the perfect night at 21st and Larimer St. in Denver. It's quickly becoming our little corner of Lower Downtown!

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