Euforquestra with Earth Like Twins 3.28.14

Hodi’s Half Note
Fort Collins, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Euforquestra has just surfaced from the studio with a fresh pressing in hand. The String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth produced their new album, Fire. It marks a bold new step in modern funk from the Fort Collins masterminds. This night was also the first in a series of album release shows starting in their adopted hometown.

Euforquestra drummer Craig Babineau joined with Nick Ierisi on guitar and synthesizer to form the embryonic electro-funk band, Earth Like Twins. We arrived during their opening set. The room slowly filled as they took turns playing their electronic infused riffs. Craig incorporated a set of drum pads while Nick focused on his keys and his guitar. I’m told he also plays a ukulele. The beat was snappier than the headliner, but honestly this duo was quite satisfying. Their blend of the EDM and funk rhythms is unique and worth seeing live. Hodi’s reached about half capacity as they finished up.

Euforquestra emerged from the darkness with a couple of new hired guns in tow. Jeff Porter was sitting in on percussion along with Danny Sears on trumpet. I always enjoy the addition of the trumpet with this band as it has a sharper register than their normal duel saxophone presentation. They opened their two-hour blow out with “Malt Milk.”

Set 1: Malt Milk, Price Is Right, Wasted, Rotten Light Years, Road Funk, You Got The Love, Solutions > Momo Lolo, Free > 64-18, Fire, Dr. Standby, Peaches & Cream, Instant Coffee, Take Me Dancing, Yogi’s Day Out
Encore: Black Capricorn Day, Cause A Reaction

The celebratory “Price Is Right” found the boys settling in with their new friends. Sears was spot was spot on with his hits allowing Austin a little more room to exercise his ample range. Austin, still sporting his ‘friendly mutton chops’ from his recent video shoot, was in rare form. Zalatel belted out the vocals while continuing to lead the group through many of the changes. We were treated to the second track off Fire in the form of an incredible “Wasted.” They busted out a Jamiroquai/Black Seeds mashup by combining “Rotten Apple” and “Light Years.” “Road Funk” of course got everyone moving back on the dance floor. The energy level was peaking and Tallman was absolutely shredding the guitar. They brought out vocalist Kim Dawson (Motet) to add her talents on Chaka Kahn’s “You Got The Love” into “Momo Lolo.” This was a huge highlight of the night. “Free” featured a tight “When The Levee Breaks” tease before segueing beautifully into a dark but driving “64-14.” Next up was the title track of the new album Fire executed perfectly. The cover of Beck’s “Peaches and Cream” was a true crowd pleaser. “Instant Coffee,” as its name suggests, was a musical shot of espresso straight to the grill. They closed the set with a rendition of Ross Martin’s “Yogi’s Day Out.”

Euforquestra returned with another Jamiroquai cover this time a straight take on “Black Capricorn Day.” They finished with an appropriate “Cause A Reaction.” Euforquestra continues to propel Colorado’s funk scene into the limelight. Bands like the Motet paved the way, but Euforquestra is bearing the torch. Their new album is a testament to the diversity and dynamism they bring to the world of funk. If you like to be entertained in a unique and satisfying way, go see Euforquestra soon.


  1. Your piece was well exacted Nick. Your photos was done great also.Thanks Nick for another great insight in to your music world.Very insightful.


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