Cornmeal & The Deadwood Saints 8.22.14

Hodi’s Half Note
Fort Collins, CO

Words, Photos & Video By Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Cornmeal continues to persevere through this post-Kral period as guitarist Scott Tipping and drummer Drew Littell have now found solid footing in the context of the band’s new paradigm. Allie’s position has yet to be filled to the satisfaction of the group. Most recently Molly Healy took a turn wearing those monumental shoes, but something about another female fiddle player may have hit a little to close to home for fans. Fiddler Phil Roach, formerly from The Giving Tree Band, is now taking his shot, and I have to agree that his selection was a good one for Cornmeal right now.

I headed down early for local rock, alt-country outfit The Deadwood Saints. This Americana explosion is lead by Jeremy Grant formerly of the now defunct Turn 4. With the release of their new album 6th Street and Trinity, and participating in SpokeBUZZ’s Band Swap, The Deadwood Saints are poised to make some big waves this fall.

Set One: Crossroads, As Long As You’re Around, Night in my Dreams, Slaughter House, Ashes To Ashes, Devil Keeps Track, 6th Street and Trinity, Flood of 19 Never, Road To Nowhere, Tattoo Blues, Tennessee Rain, Have A Cigar, Cheap Guitar, My Irene

The Deadwood Saints is one part country, one part rock, and a little bit punkabilly. Running quickly along the trail blazed by the likes of Bob Dylan and Todd Snider, this band is a vibrant addition to the Fort Collins scene. Renditions of covers like the Talking Heads’ “Road To Nowhere,” and Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar” enticed the crowd. These tunes juxtaposed against their own original, rowdy, deliberate song writing made for a very entertaining opening act. Towards the end of the set Wavy joined the band for a quick song before disappearing backstage.

Cornmeal came to the Hodi’s stage with Phil Roach in tow ready to throw down. Their two-hour set highlighted many of the songs that made Cornmeal so beloved by their fanbase.

Set One: When The Worlds Got You Down, Oh Leah Lee, Shelter, Drinking Away, Calling Me Back Home, I’m Coming Back, All Things Must Change, I’ll Be Looking At You, Shady Grove

Encore: Long Hard Road

The addition of Roach changed the entire vibe of the night; his fiery solos became the center of attention. Wavy of course maintained his even keeled demeanor except when he came up to the microphone and belted it out. The new Cornmeal sounded right at home on classics like “When The World’s Got You Down” and “Calling Me Back Home.” The “All Things Must Change” lasted for over 18 minutes proving that as Cornmeal progresses with Scott, Drew, and now Phil they are gelling musically very quickly. The psychedelic grass that was the hallmark of late night Cornmeal festival sets of years past is still very much alive and well.

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