Henhouse Prowlers & Hog MaGundy 10.24.14

Avogadro’s Number
Fort Collins, CO

Words, Photos & Video By Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

One of Chicago’s premiere bluegrass exports the Henhouse Prowlers made their way through Fort Collins with a stop at Avogadro’s Number. Avo's hosted HHP as their headliner for the 2nd Annual Avograss Bluegrass Festival at the end of July. This was their first time back and they choose Colorado Slopgrass experts Hog MaGundy to support. Avogadro’s Number continues to fly under the radar at times, but that was not the case at this particular show. I arrived to see the tables pushed back with plenty of dancing room laid out. The format was a four set sandwich with Henhouse playing two in the middle.

Hog MaGundy is still a relatively new group having formed just two short years ago. However, their live performances exhibit a deeper musical connection that puts this band far beyond their years. Devon ‘Tree’ Lindsay played a miniature cantina drum set that flanked the rest of the group. They are a six-piece band that has been joined from time to time by a keyboardist. Songs like “Nashville Fauxgrass” and “Word of Warning” dotted the first set. They played for around an hour with a version of Elvis’ “That’s Alright Mama” into their own “Sweet Dready Mama” into JJ Cale’s “After Midnight” to close their first set. The last song was a nod to their impending return to Avogadro’s stage after the Prowlers.

The Henhouse Prowlers gave the now standing audience two sets of powerfully effective bluegrass. This four-piece string band from Chicago is all business in their firmly pressed suits and flawless delivery; their lyrics being the main diversion from purist bluegrass. The Henhouse Prowlers are world travelers who have performed in Africa as well as Europe a handful of times over the last few years. They performed a bluegrass version of Nigerian R&B duo P-Square’s “Chop My Money.” They continued the World theme with a dance-inducing version of Toots and The Maytals’ “Pressure Drop.” The Prowlers also played several originals including “Breaking Ground” and a dark “Shadow of the Man.” During their short set break the band members mingled with the crowd.

Avogadro’s Number was a blur of energy and excitement as music fans darted to the bar for fresh drinks and others spilled outside for a smoke. The back patio area of Avos is one of the best in Fort Collins complete with a gazebo and a tree house. Henhouse Prowlers’ second set lasted until after midnight. They continued with the same energy they had in set one. Highlights included a snappy “Lonesome Road” as well as a nod to George Jones. They also treated us to a high-octane version of their original “The Track” sung by Dan Andree. The Henhouse Prowlers continue to push the bluegrass envelope by blending a modern approach to lyrics with a traditional style both in music and fashion. They seem to be finding a solid fan base in Northern Colorado. I look forward to their return.

Hog MaGundy came back to the stage for a short closing set. They opened with “Love Will Not Change” into “Colorado Girl.” Around this time I began the ritual of closing my tab and saying my goodbyes. This was a great night of acoustic music all around. Hog MaGundy with their diverse blending of musical voices and strong attention to song craft were the perfect compliment to the Henhouse Prowlers. Furthermore, the Prowlers bring a level of class and musical aptitude that is a rare combination these days. Both of these bands deserve your attention. Check them out.

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