Marc Rebillet at The Drive-in 6.22.20

The Holiday Twin Drive-in
Fort Collins, CO

Words, Photos & Video by Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Shit’s been heavy all around; from the pandemic to politics there seems to be no respite for the weak-hearted and weary. Given the current state of affairs it is a time to be serious and it is most definitely a time for change. That being said after four months of quarantine we all need a release and Marc Rebillet’s socially distanced show at The Holiday Twin Drive Inn in Fort Collins was just that. A chance to blow off some steam before going back to the real work that is at hand in our various communities.

Cars began lining up at the gate around 6:00 PM and soon the traffic snarl snaked down the road as eager fans queued up for the “Cinema Experience” that was about to go down. Gates opened around 6:45 PM to ease the rush and early arrivers had their choice of spots. Masks were mandatory and people were encouraged to stay in or by their cars if not heading to the bathrooms or concessions. That didn’t stop some old friends from saying their hellos and others from completely isolating in their vehicles. It felt a bit surreal to be at a show where you could only mingle with your immediate group and smiles were obscured by masks on the way to grab a beer.

Logistically the event posed some issues mainly that Marc was set up in a green screened E-Z UP in the center of the venue. He was projected on both screens while performing in his compound. Meaning that some eager to get a glimpse would occasionally gather before security would disperse the clumps of people. Personally, I would have liked them to move his spot to a central but more isolated location to give people a place to look and also keep eager fans at bay. All that being said, this is a first for everyone involved and I commend Mr. Rebillet and his team for even attempting to pull off a live show during a pandemic let alone an entire tour. You can see from my photos that people respected space and generally followed the rules.

The setting sunlight gleamed off the silky robes of Rebillet devotees as people partied in their respective areas. Finally after much anticipation, at dusk the show began with what can only be described as three experimental short films. Specifically one was a POV torture film about being a piece of sushi and another featured animal orgies on Noah’s Ark, as well as a zombie apocalypse. Suddenly a drone could be heard overhead and a golf cart appeared in the distance. Marc gripped the roof with one hand and held a mic in the other as he proclaimed his love to the audience as the cart drove him around row by row.

After arriving at his aforementioned compound he got to business with a series of dance heavy loops that prompted us out of our camping chairs. He jumped the barricade early and was quickly flanked by security as he talked to a couple masked members of the crowd. One woman exclaimed “I love your penis,” which became a launching pad for another looped track. Marc’s own robe soon disappeared as he played on enthusiastically. He took a call from the crowd à la his Quaranstream tour which resulted in the suggestion of “Sensitive Nipples” for a song. Marc was happy to oblige despite the repeated objectification of his body as subject matter for the music. He’s not a piece of meat people he’s a damn human being! I digress. The surround sound effect of the music being pumped through all of the various car speakers made for a unique auditory experience as well.

At one point we looked up to see fireflies dancing above the crowd. I’ve lived in Colorado for almost 15 years and I’ve never seen lightening bugs in this state. It was like our own personal, albeit subtle fireworks display. Marc’s show relies heavily on crowd interactions so it was interesting to see him navigate this potential hazard utilizing security, his mic and most importantly his mask. His set was pretty short and the whole shebang had an 11:00 PM curfew. He ended the show by inviting a request for one of his previously played or recorded tunes. At that point he was approached by some enthusiastic twerkers who put on their own show for Marc. After a soulful rendition of “Work That Ass For Daddy” he closed with “Let Me In I’m Tryna Fuck” also by request.

Marc Rebillet is absolutely blowing up right now and the reason is that he embodies the freedom and at times utter silliness we all crave. Yes, it’s all wrapped up in a silky robe, pencil thin mustache and a sultry voice, but that’s all proof that Marc is not overthinking it. He’s having fun doing what he loves; playing live music. He’s bringing a lot of joy and not only that, he’s been doing some real good for his community. Marc recently marched in New York City and donated to various causes supporting Black Lives Matter. He’s part of the movement despite his label as a “comedy act.” It’s worth mentioning because we as a society need to make some serious change from the ground up. Until that happens these “good times” will just be a distraction.

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