Korn, Chevelle & Code Orange 3.19.22

SNHU Arena
Manchester, NH

Words & Photos by Arlene Brown

Korn, Chevelle, and Code Orange lit up SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH on March 19, 2022 to a complete capacity crowd. To call the night cathartic is a complete understatement. For most in attendance, this was their first time at a concert in 2+ years. Being able to let loose for a few hours was so freeing, it was complete exhilaration. 

Code Orange, originating from Pittsburgh, PA, opened to about a 60% full arena. By the end of their set, most if not all of the seats were full. And yes, the pit was in full action from the get go. There was no slow warm up to the start of the show. Code Orange came out with their hard hitting “Out for Blood.” And for almost an hour, we were thrust right into an energy filled start to the night. Lead Singer, Eric Balderose, had complete and total control of the arena, gracefully switching from singing to growling in the same breath. Reba Meyer added the beautiful and equal gravel to complete Code Orange’s full sound.

Code Orange Setlist: Out for Blood, Forever, In Fear, Sulfur Surrounding, Cold Metal Place, Underneath, Spy, and Swallowing the Rabbit Whole. 

Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler and his voice are gifts from the angels. Period. And for about 27 years (you read that right) Pete, with his brother Sam, and a few different bassists over that time, have been gracing our ears with their anthems. On Saturday, we were so mesmerized by Chevelle’s performance, several generations were singing and dancing as one with Pete, Sam, and Kemble Waters. Kemble joined up to tour with Chevelle and promote their new album, NiRaTiaS. Paul’s voice has not wavered, but has become stronger over the years. And the mix of new material and their “classics” is still just as powerful today as their first tour.

Chevelle Setlist: An Island, Door to Door Cannibals, Self Destructor, Vitamin R (Leading Us Along), Joyride (Omen), Face to the Floo, Verruckt, Young Wicked, The Clincher, Send the Pain Below, The Red, I get it, Mars Simula

At this point in the show, you can feel the energy and electricity clear across the arena. Those in the pit took a big deep breath as the white curtain was raised hiding Korn setting up. The lights dropped and shadows of the band walking on the stage hypnotized the entire crowd itching in pure anticipation. We’ve waited over 2 years for Korn to return to SNHU Arena. For 2 years, most of the crowd hadn’t been around this many people. And like a volcano, we knew everyone was going to blow off some much needed pent up steam.

Jonathan Davis and crew took us on a guided mission of celebration and release. From beginning to end, the connection of those present was perfect. The entire crowd sang every song, from beginning to end. You know it’s good when the band stops playing and every single person (including the band) sings along. And nothing raises more goosebumps than hearing a single bagpipe play on stage by Davis. That moment will stay with us forever. So, thank you, Korn for bringing us back to “normal” live music.

Korn Setlist: Forgotten, Got the Life, Here to Stay, Start the Healing, No One’s There, Shoots and Ladders* w/Metallica “One”, Lost in Grandeur, Y’All Want a Single, Falling Away from Me, Worst In on Its Way, Coming Undone* w/Queen “We Will Rock You”, Freak on a Leash

Encore: It’s On! > Trash > Did My Time, Twist, A.D.I.D.A.S., Clown, Blind Arlene's Photo Gallery


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