Thunderpussy 3.17.23

The Cabot Beverly, MA Words & Photos by Arlene Brown (BrownFotoBug)

Bringing all the luck and love to the Boston masses, Thunderpussy definitely showed their love of rocking a stage to the 2,500 in attendance on Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston. Touring with Jerry Cantrell and crew, Thunderpussy introduced themselves to new fans in the only way Thunderpussy knows: bold, loud, and absolutely rocking beauty. Thunderpussy is a fierce Seattle band fronted by the stunning Molly Sides. She and guitarist Whitney Petty (who also plays drums and bass) started the band in 2014 and were quickly joined by bassist M’Leah Julius (and yes, she also plays drums!). Lindsey Elias is the one that actually plays drums and is the newest member to the party and joined in 2019. Don’t let their sparkle and flash fool you. They are WAY more than just sequins. These ladies are amazing musicians and performers. Technically trained musicians and dancers, Molly, Whitney, M’Leah, and Lindsey will soothe you with a wicked cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” and then turn your body into complete goosebumps with "Fever", "Speedqueen", "Velvet Noose", "Thunderpussy." At The Cabot, they gave us a sneak peak into their new album with their first release, "Firebreather." Molly’s voice is so pure, rich, and makes your insides just melt. Their third album, Firebreather is set to be released later this year, and follows their first two albums: Milk It and Thunderpussy. If it’s anything like the first two, it’s going to melt your ears with power and grace. Thunderpussy will continue their tour with Jerry Cantrell ending in Tacoma on April 1st. Look for more tour announcements very soon! Bumbershoot Music Festival in Seattle just announced their lineup for Labor Day Weekend and Thunderpussy will definitely be there! If you’ve never seen them live, you definitely want to check them out. Arlene's Photo Gallery


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