ALBUM REVIEW: 2 Fat 2 Skydive's Massive

Words by Kevin Hahn I never know what to expect when a local jamband puts out an album… especially an all-instrumental album. I tend to stay away from most of them, as I fear my love for a local band’s live shows might be overtaken by my disdain for their studio work. However, this is not the case with 2 Fat 2 Skydive’s most recent release, Massive. 2 Fat 2 Skydive takes influences from their favorite acts in the jamband world (Lotus, STS9, Umphrey’s McGee, moe., the Disco Biscuits, etc), creates their own sound and forms their own path. If you are looking for chill/relaxed jams that seem to fit perfectly on a long car ride you are definitely in the right place. If you are looking for a dance party throw on “Linoleum Freeways”, or some STS9-y vibes look no further than “Frozen.” From the spacey/weird title track “Massive,” to the harder/more metal riff influenced “Dragonfly,” this all-instrumental album (other than the lead track having a small voiceover) is a great accompaniment to a fat bowl of heady cannabis and a delicious cup of locally brewed coffee. There are fun guitar riffs, very smooth plus synthy piano vibes, and a general sense that 2 Fat 2 Skydive really has found their groove as they get back to touring throughout Colorado in 2023. 2 Fat’s drummer lays down a consistent beat, and definitely seems to have great cohesion with their bassist as they carry the band through many of these dance-inducing tracks. Knowing this band on a personal level as I do, I am incredibly excited to see them continue to grow, evolve, and put out new releases. Not just because we are friends, but the Denver local music scene has a tendency to forget about acts who come from our great state of Colorado. I believe this is the case due to almost every jamband that people want to see coming through Boulder/Denver/Fort Collins at one time or another, and what seems to be a lack of legit local bands who are about more than just carrying on a party scene on and backstage. 2 Fat 2 Skydive work extremely hard at their craft, and the results are paying off immensely. To be clear, these gents might be a bit too fluffy to be jumping out of planes anytime soon, but that’s ok with me as it gives them more time to continue evolving their playing style and get back on the road in many local venues we all love dearly. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding tour plans and I mean… who doesn’t love a bear-claw?!


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