King's X & Romero 6.10.23

The Armory Performing Arts Center
Brighton, CO

Words & Photos by Mike Sherry Photo

On Saturday Denver's secret gem of a venue, The Armory Performing Arts Center, hosted King's X to a room full of grateful Colorado residents plus some travelers. Brighton's own singer-songwriter hero Christopher Charles Romero (now a busy resident of the Nashville scene) opened the evening with his hard-driving band, Romero. The early assembled faithful were treated to a thumping set of choice originals. Whether punchy rock or acoustic ballad, the Armory's sound is notably warm as well as fulfilling.

Speaking of, the mix at this recently-restored munitions depot continued to be on point from the moment Doug (dUg) Pinnick let an opening bass note ring. A moment for the vibration to breathe and the band pounced through the door, dUg smiling through the salutation "Welcome to the Groove Machine." The crowd agreed, it was great to be back!

King's X is a band with such a storied catalog that you can expect live shows teleport one to your fondest memories decades back. This year, though, the band is touring to support Three Sides of One, their first new album since 2008. Following a bevvy of live show favorites like "World Around Me" and "Pillow > Flies" the audience saw a finely-tuned curation of excellent new tunes.

"All God's Children" – like the entirety of the new record – has the iconic King's X sound, with a current-day message sung by guitarist Ty Tabor. Just like writing a check is a “promise to pay” the album vocal harmonies of the trio, especially by drummer Jerry Gaskill, are paid in full on stage. Beatle-influences and power metal grooves continue equally at the core of sound and songwriting as the band enters its 38th year, delivered live with poise on tunes like "Nothing But the Truth" and "Give it Up."

The suite of new selections built to a heat as Ty ripped an especially searing solo on "Watcher." Then the manic "We Were Born to Be Loved" signaled the set's finale and the crowd erupted as dUg and Ty riffed center stage with copious smiles. The setlist showed a changeup for the encore – following the sledgehammer of "Dogman" the band switched the fast-thumping "King" to go before "Goldilox." With microphones pivoted outward and the audience's voice filling the Armory for the staple singalong, the band beamed back and repeatedly thanked everybody gathered. Be sure to catch King's X on the remainder of The Three Sides of One tour!


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