PREVIEW: Yarmony Music Festival 6.28 - 6.29.24

Rancho Del Rio
Bond, CO

Words by J. Picard

It's summer in the Rocky Mountains and you've found yourself at "the center of the universe," with a unicorn on your left and a giant hotdog on your right, floating down a cosmic fluid highway surrounded by pirates and musicians! At the end of the spiraling primordial soup, there is BBQ, beverages, friends and pickin'. This isn't a dream... it's Yarmony! Following a four year hiatus, the classic Colorado mountain festival returns to Rancho Del Rio, June 28 & 29!

This year's line-up features Lindsay Lou, Drunken Hearts, The Fretliners, Daniel Rodriguez, Special Guest Billy Failing, Tenth Mountain Division, Jon Stickley Trio, Bonnie & Taylor Sims Band, Madeline Hawthorne, Violet Pilot, Liver Down The River, Easy Tiger, Timber, Derek Dames Ohl, Justin Garber, Super Pick Hosted by The Fretliners, Artists At Large Silas Herman & Jack Cloonan

On a personal note, our core group of friends as well as MusicMarauders' contributors have been attending, covering and enjoying the festival since our first Yarmony in 2010 with the urging of Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) and DJ Logic. "There is this festival is in the Rocky Mountains on the banks of the Colorado River... and they have a floating stage," Tim told me hitting me on the shoulder in amazement earlier in the summer of 2010 at Grey Fox in Upstate New York. So when I found myself in Colorado around the time of Yarmony, I took the bait, not knowing how much this festival would affect those who've attended.

The festival and space meant so much to us that during the pandemic we gathered with a small group of friends at Rancho Del Rio and hired Andrew McConathy (Drunken Hearts, Yarmony Promoter) to play music for us. This June, fourteen years after first attending, we'll head back to the banks of the Colorado River with friends who've attended for years and friends from across the country who've yet to attend!

It's not just about the music, the site or the opportunity to float down the Colorado River under the incredible blue expanse; this is about the entire experience. The stories, the laughs, the smiles, the friendships made, the banter with KK at her BBQ stand. It's about a choice. I choose Yarmony and I am grateful that so too did Andrew McConathy. Get your tickets now, purchase your inflatables, pack a tent and cooler and join us at Rancho Del Rio, just a couple of hours west of Denver, CO for an unforgettable weekend!

“We can't wait to bring our little slice of the music world together once again!" - Andrew McConathy

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